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Our brand

The Ironing Press Company, established in 1978, has become one of Europe’s leading distributors of ironing presses, industrial and domestic sewing machines, parts and accessories, and commercial ironing equipment.

Our Speedypress division is well known for the manufacture of European and British quality ironing systems and steamers.

All of our products come with first class after-sales customer service.

We’ll be glad to help!

About Speedypress

Speedypress have been making commercial ironing equipment including boilers, ironing tables, steamers and accessories since 1965.

We have been manufacturing and supplying the European market with a huge range of Speedypress ironing presses for over 50 years, establishing The Ironing Press Company as the largest retailer of ironing presses in Europe!

Under our Speedypress brand (established in 1965), we manufacture a wide range of commercial ironing equipment, from basic heated vacuum ironing tables, boilers and irons to large ironing systems, suitable for all your ironing needs, whether you’re a tailor, hotel, ironing business or dry cleaner.

Our Speedypress division also manufactures clothes steamers, which boast robust construction, are built to last years, and come complete with a lifetime boiler warranty.